Happy tails

Below are just a few of the dogs (and cats) that have found new homes with the help of Special Pets Rescue.


Spud (now Porter): From County mutt to city dawg!!
Porter was one of many dogs that were tied out on a chain for most of his life, until his owners decided that he needed a better life and came to us for help. Porter was a happy-go-lucky, 2-year-old terrier mix that was very sweet but shy when he came to us. His new family came all the way from San Francisco to meet him and fell in love at first site; he went home with them later on that day. Porter has now become a lot more social and enjoys going to doggy day care 3 times a week.


Diva (now Lucy): Foundling pup
Lucy came from the resort town known as Clearlake. She was found on the street at the age of 6 weeks by a kind person and brought to the vet, but didn’t stay there for long—she was too cute and we knew that we could soon find her a good home. The matter wasn’t finding her a home but the right home; so many people were interested in Lucy, but we wanted just the right fit for her. And along came the Smith family who lives in central California. They had no other pets and all the time to devote to Lucy who now weighs a happy, healthy 35 lbs.


Puppy Avery (now Rosie Star):
Rosie started her new life with a big adventure — flying on an airplane from Santa Rosa to Denver, Colorado. Her new family saw her pictures online and worked for weeks with airline regulations and weather delays to bring her from Special Pets Rescue to Denver.

Her name, Rosie, was given to her because she came from Santa Rosa, California. She loves her new life and family in Colorado and is anxiously awaiting her first real Colorado snowfall.

She is doing very well and settling happily into her new home. We are so happy to have her!


Tiny (now Wylie): A happy snow dog!
Wylie was rescued when he was 6 months old. He had been living on a 3-foot chain, the owners said, because he kept getting out of the 6-foot pen that they had for him and a great Dane. He was also starving as they didn’t have enough money to supply both dogs with enough food. Wylie was a very sweet Dalmatian/pointer mix, which made it hard to find him a home since nobody wants Dalmatians as family pets. Wylie loves everyone and finally found the right home; they even drove all the way from Nevada to pick him up! Wylie now enjoys playing in the snow, taking long walks, swims in the lake and beach. Wylie’s family has also considered getting a girlfriend for him, which we are very excited about.


Eclipse and Clayton: 2 little fur angels
These two adorable cats where found separate but it was love at first site for them. Clayton (on the left), a sophisticated obviously indoor kitty, was found recently declawed at a supermarket parking lot. After calling around and hoping that someone would find their lost indoor kitty, eclypse nobody did. Eclipse (on the right) was found as a kitten sitting in the middle of the road, not noticing any of the cars go by; we discovered that’s because she is deaf. Eclipse found a wonderful home with her friend Clayton. Their new mom drove all the way from Santa Cruz—she is also deaf, which we thought was a really great match for Eclipse. They both now live with a family of 7 other cats, because their mom’s heart is SO BIG.


She was “Bessie” at adoption on 7/5/07, a hound mix. She’s now “Ellie.” She was adopted from Special Pets Rescue when she was appx. 14 weeks old. She is now 1 year old and weighs 38 lbs. She lives in Santa Rosa. She tries to run the house. She bosses around and dotes on her older dog companion, Monty (12 yrs.), a Huskie/Shepherd mix (SPCA adoptee). Ellie is loving, even tempered, social, energetic, and extremely bright. She learns new things amazingly quickly. She aced basic obedience training and is beginning Agility Training, which she seems to thoroughly enjoy. One of her humans is an elementary school principal. She has gone to the school twice and over 400 children know her. All the kids in the neighborhood also know her. She loves chasing balls, going for walks, exploring and swimming. She is curious but not mischievous. She is definitely part of our family.