Our sponsors

This page features pet photos from some of the people who have helped Special Pets Rescue:

Eowyn, a mixed breed dogSean Madison has been a great foster home for us. She has 3 wonderful cats and a marvelous Shepherd mix, Eowyn. Sean fosters dogs of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to her, those dogs get to enjoy the company of their foster siblings, and have the liberty of knowing what living in a warm dry place is like.

Judge, a Fila Brasileiro dogJudge is a Fila Brasiliero (Mastiff/Bloodhound mix). He was adopted from Peninsula Humane Society in 2002 by Carina Merrick, our website designer. Carina designed the look and wrote the HTML for the SPR website. You can see another picture of Judge at Carina’s design website.

Special Pets Rescue gives thanks

We are grateful for the financial support of Good Karma Growers. Even though we are not affiliated with their business, they have been kind enough to donate the proceeds for their weekly raffles to Special Pets Rescue. Their generosity helps make our life-saving work possible.

The inclusion of any business or commercial entity on this page is not intended as an endorsement of a particular product or service.